Hi, I’m Cheong Yip. I’m a software engineer from Sydney, Australia.

Just trying to keep up with the constant & rapid change of pace in software development and do the best I can to continually learn and & utilise my knowledge to make everything in my life more efficient & effective.

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06 Oct 2016 . personal . Welcome to my new site! Comments

So I have migrated my blog site over from Wordpress with HostGator to Jekyll with Github Pages. The reasons for this were manyfold. They were:

Needed a revamp Save money Simplified blogging system

The repo for this site can be found here

I am not 100% sure how often I will actually blog because last time was probably a complete failure. This time I will see how it goes but mainly I want to keep it as a personal branding of myself on the digital web. From time to time, I may add posts for my...



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Drop me an email if you have any questions or just want to say hi.